Tuesday 25 July 2023

Embracing Flexibility: When 6.5km Triumphs Over 10km in Hill Training

By: Justin Ferguson

In the world of marathon preparation, setting goals and sticking to them is essential. However, sometimes our bodies have a different plan, reminding us of the significance of listening to our physical cues. Hill training, renowned for its intensity and benefits, can present both challenges and rewards. Today, I embarked on a 10km hill run with unwavering determination, but the journey unfolded differently than expected.

Around the 6.5km mark, my body signaled its limits, and I made a crucial decision – to shut down the training run. Initially, I felt a tinge of disappointment, but this experience became an invaluable lesson in self-awareness and self-care. Pushing through discomfort is part of training, but knowing when to draw the line is equally vital, otherwise, injury can shut you down a lot longer.

Recognizing that my body needed rest, I found solace in embracing flexibility. Training plans are not set in stone, and modifying them based on our well-being is not a sign of weakness. Acknowledging our limitations and honoring our bodies fosters long-term growth and ensures we can continue pushing ourselves without risking injury.

In conclusion, today's 6.5km hill training taught me that success is not solely determined by meeting pre-set goals. Rather, it lies in acknowledging our body's signals, understanding the value of self-care, and adapting our plans to maintain a healthy and consistent marathon training journey. Remember, there will be more opportunities to push boundaries, but only if we prioritize our well-being along the way. Happy training!

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