Saturday 29 July 2023

My Journey to the next Marathon: Conquering a 21.1km Training Run

By: Justin Ferguson

Today was another step in my marathon training journey as I tackled a 21.1km run. As I ventured out for today’s training run, I reminded myself of the importance of pacing and staying focused on form during long runs.

Embracing a slower pace during these training sessions is crucial. It allows our bodies to adapt, preventing exhaustion and potential injuries. The objective is to build endurance gradually, ensuring we have enough gas in the tank for the marathon itself.

However, slowing down doesn't mean losing focus. Maintaining proper running form is equally vital. It minimizes strain on muscles and joints, enhancing efficiency and reducing the risk of long-term injuries.

Today's 21.1km run was a reminder of the significance of balancing pace and form in marathon preparation. Each step brings me closer to my goal, and I'm excited to continue this journey to my next race. Remember, slow and steady wins the race, and a strong focus on form will pave the way to marathon success.

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